Lenovo A300 is a double card double stay mobile phone

In the current one thousand yuan machine market competitive environment, lenovo Phone continued cost-effective route, was launched by a double card double stay smartphones – lenovo Phone A300.

Lenovo A300 is a double card double stay mobile phone, support WCDMA and GSM network, it is equipped with a 3.5 -inch display, a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels, running Android 2.3 system, with a 800 MHZ processor, memory combination for 512 MB + 256 MB RAM, ROM and equipped with a 3200000 megapixel camera.

Lenovo A300 adopted a 3.5 -inch capacitive screen, resolution reached grade HVGA, standby interface and Home button adopts the classic form clovers, continue a lenovo Phone consistent design.

Lenovo A300

Lenovo A300 back carrying a 3200000 megapixel camera, moreover back cover the etching lines modelling, style is refined, at the same time in the process of use has good abrasion resistance.

Mobile Phone is positive above the handset, lenovo logo and the light sensor, and the lower part of the mobile Phone is three Android keys, in the middle of the clovers modelling Home button is a consistent design of the whole music Phone series products.

In addition, the mobile phone interface design and other key parts, the machine USES the compact layout, the top is 3.5 mm headphone jack and power on the key, and the volume key is located in the left side of the machine, the last remaining USB data interface is arranged on the bottom, is also a more traditional end design.

Lenovo A300 adopted depth custom Android 2.3.5 system, some on the system interface beautification, joined the association of classic clovers modelling, standby main screen on the clovers are four shortcuts.

Home screen support up to nine pages separately display, the Android system is also give full consideration to the strong expansibility, beneficial to find application you want faster, at the same time in the application bar can also bring up the backend system and the recently opened the program soon.

At present many new models can change the system font, lenovo A300 built in five different fonts, and we can put the font file in SD card, the system will automatically scan and installation. In addition, lenovo A300 with 4 kinds of scene modes, each mode can be custom Settings.


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